What started as a small meeting each week between close friends eventually turned from an official student run club at Humboldt State University, to that of an event machine. Turning out high capacity underground events in Arcata, California since late 2009. Now coming from the underground, the Humboldt Bass Crew is bringing the limelight back to the scene with bigger, better, artists and more official venues throughout the area. Still run by it’s roots, The Humboldt Bass Crew (HBC) is a diverse collective of Bass Music DJs, Producers, and like minded individuals based out of Humboldt County, CA. Our mission is simple. Discover, supply and support the best & brightest talents emerging from the underground bass culture.

“Bass Love & Happiness”

Andrew Hygate


Hailing from the redwood hub of Humboldt, Treemeista prides every sound system with heady vibes and renegade rhythms. His ruff stylistic mixing will hook your ear drums Captain Hook style and keep your senses locked in to his swamp of sub-bass and heavy 808s. Honing Intelligent Bass Music, Treemeista drops his style in a drippy, wobble-dub mode that keeps the energy flowing strong through non-stop reverbing selections and wicked bassline combinations.

Theo Newhall


Taking inspiration from almost every genre of music, G.I.R (Grimey Interstellar Robot) is hard at work producing creative, heavy hitting multi genre bass music. On the decks, G.I.R keeps it heavy, dark and dirty with a combo of Dubstep, Trap & Drumstep that keeps the Bassheads going wild.

Beamer Benz or Bentley [G.I.R Remix]



HBC Resident Artists: